how to have our newsletters show up in your inbox

How To Receive Our Newsletters In Your Primary Gmail Folder

If you use Google gmail for your email program, you may not be seeing Maui Film Festival newsletters because they are ending up under your Promotions Tab instead of your Primary tab. There is a super easy fix (we promise) that will then allow all of our future newsletters to show up in your main email list.

Not seeing a Promotions tab at all? Google has some tips: Click Here.


  • Click on the ‘Promotions’ tab
  • Find an email from the sender you wish to move to ‘Primary’
  • Right click on this email, hover over ‘Move to tab’ and select ‘Primary’

step one

There is another way to do this… you can click and hold on the email, dragging and dropping it into the ‘Primary’ folder above.

other way


Then, a pop-up window will ask you to confirm and if you would like to make this change permanent… meaning, all future newsletters from Maui Film Festival will show up in your INBOX (Primary Tab). Be sure to choose YES.

step 3


Then, take a nice deep breath and feel good that you will now be able to see all future Maui Film Festival newsletters.